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What I Learned at SRU - The Playlist

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 6, 2014, 1:30 AM

EDIT #3: I've posted the first chapters of a new original sci-fi fantasy novel and its sister version, a Katoph post-apocalyptic story.
I've also made a multi-fandom master post of my fiction over the past few years.
My review/thoughts on The Rift: Pt.1 are now on DA, and I've posted parts 1 through 4 of SRU 128, 'Imagine.' We're at the home stretch, here.
Chapter 128 is basically this story's "Sozin's Comet," the multi-part finale climax where plots and subplots all get concluded. Then we'll spent two shorter chapters in a wind-down, reflection/resolution.
What I Learned at SRU -128- (Part 1)
A/N: This chapter is proving to be very long, so I've decided to just share it in chunks for you DA readers. There's probably some rough edges, as I am 20,000 words into this beast of a chapter and it's been a very scattered affair. This chapter will likely read better in one long swoop, but it's going to be a long one, as it's the chapter where the climax comes together. If you'd like a bit of a visual preview of what's to come, 5 comic pages were produced representing pieces of this chapter's finale. You'll find those in the description.
ALSO, if you're a fan of the music-referencing in the story, I've compiled a massive SRU playlist that goes through most of the songs referenced in the story, as well as many that aren't which I personally connect to certain characters or parts of the story. You can find that here:
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 128 - Imagine
(Part 1)

- Thursday, June 16th -
"I have no idea, So
What I Learned at SRU -128- (Part 2)
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 128 - Imagine
(Part 2)

A/N: This chapter is being posted on DA spaced apart as I finish it. Make sure you've read part 1 (link in the description). Last segment was mostly about some Kesuk family stuff and wrapping up Korra's business. This segment's about wrapping up Jane's.
- Saturday, June 17th -
Jane grunted as she finished dumping the stinging oil from the other frier into the second bucket. She hated that part
- she always seemed to get a drop or two of hot oil stinging at her wrists. But not today. Tonight, she was lucky - unburnt. She had a good feeling about tonight.
"Yup," she answered June's lingering question after she'd finished pouring the last of the oil out. "Tonight, man."
"Nervous?" June asked. Her voice cracked ever-so-slightly with a hint of actual concern.
"Not at all," said Jane with an honest kind of cheer. She was excited, actually. Eager. This was going to be a good thing.
"Huh." June nodded pensi
What I Learned at SRU -128- (Part 3)
What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 128 - Imagine (Part 3)
- Sunday, June 19th -
"Oh, man. Feels good," said Sokka, watching the golf ball he'd stricken sail through the air. It was veering off to the right. "Feeeels goo-ohp!" The ball disappeared between some trees in the rough. He shrugged in spite of his failure and smiled, turning around to his friends. "Mulligan?" he requested, using golf lingo to ask for a second shot to start things off.
"No mulligans," Zuko wryly declined, hands in his khaki pockets. "That was your rule from last time, remember?"
"Heh." Sokka grinned slyly. "Worth a shot. Eh? Get it?"
Aang and Zuko swapped dull glances at Sokka's pathetic pun. Sokka let it roll off his back.
"Ahhh," Sokka sighed out the pleasing scents wafting around them and twirled the club in his hand a bit. "It's been a while, hasn't it?" Sokka adjusted his visor and scratched his scalp as he passed Zuko's golf club back to its owner.
"It <em>
What I Learned at SRU -128- (Part 4)
A/N: Here is part 4 of the multi-faceted chapter 'Imagine.' There will be one more update to this chapter, and then two more chapters after that will finish the story off.

Three more updates remain after this one. I hope to hear from you guys when we reach the ending! I haven't heard from the readership much lately, and my life has become a lot more busy and stressful as of late, so every little comment means a lot these days and helps motivate me to keep at it.
Also, this chapter contains some Chinese/Japanese text characters. If I have in any way misused them, please feel free to correct me and point me in the direction of a better word!

What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 128 - Imagine
(Part 4)
- Tuesday, June 21st -
"'Bout goddamn time," Jane called out to Sokka from across the cafeteria. "Was figurin' you slept in."
Sokka grinned, his enthusiasm radiating at his breakfast despite his sleep-deprived face.
He replied, "And miss

Also, if you are interested in taking a peek at a visual representation of this chapter's conclusion, take a look at these comic pages!
SRU - Imagine (Page 1) by Sakura-Rose12 SRU - Imagine (Page 2) by Sakura-Rose12 SRU - Imagine (Page 3) by Sakura-Rose12 SRU - Imagine (Page 4) by Sakura-Rose12 SRU - Imagine Finale by Destiny-Smasher

Thank you for your support, everyone. I hope to hear more from you guys when SRU's conclusion has finally been posted.

Over three years; over a million words; one massive playlist.
I've compiled a (mostly) chronological playlist of every relevant song to 'What I Learned at SRU,' including a bunch I had intended to work in but didn't, and some that are ones I've associated with certain characters/ideas while writing it, even if they haven't had an organic context within the narrative. This sucker is huge.

If you'd like to go through time via song, you can start the playlist on YouTube right here.
You can view this complete list here on my Tumblr.
And I'll lay the whole thing out below.
(NOTE: will be continuing work on SRU 128 tonight or tomorrow; possibly will get back to some of those prompts; also want to write more Esteemed and maybe even start an ATLA-based AU story on the side, we'll see; I still have original, newer things I should start putting more time into, as well.)

Here's the playlist!

- The Cycle Begins -

) 'The Story Begins in the Usual Place' – (Gaang & Appa's)
) 'With a Little Help From My Friends' - (Kyoshi Warriors on stage)
) 'Animal Crossing' - (Aang)

- Car Ride Mix -

) 'One Week' - (Fearsome Foursome)
) 'Mrs. Robinson' - (Aang)
) 'Taking the Hobbits to Isengard' - (Sokka)
) 'Mashed Taters' - (Toph)
) 'Mysterious Ticking Noise' - (Katara)

- Fall Semester -

) 'Dreaming Still' - (Toph x Aang)
) 'Just the Way You Are' [Bruno Mars] - (Toph x Aang; Homecoming)
) 'Landslide' - (Toph x Aang)
) Chopin's 'Raindrop' - (Toph's recital; Toph & her parents)
) 'Please Don't Leave Me' - (Toph x Aang)
) 'Popular' - (Katara & Jane)
) 'No Good Deed' - (Katara; social depression)
) 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' - (Toph & her parents)
) 'Jar of Hearts' - ('Smellerbee' x 'Jet')
) 'If Today Was Your Last Day' - (Katara)
) 'Yesterday' - (Fearsome Fivesome)
) 'Auld Lang Syne' - (Jane x Katara; New Year's)
) 'Build Me Up, Buttercup' - (College boys serenading)

- Rocky Relationship -

) 'For Good' - (Toph x Aang)
) 'Miles' - (Toph x Aang)
) 'Vanilla Twilight' - (Toph x Aang; Toph & Grammy)
) 'You and I Collide' - (Katara x Aang)
) 'So What' - (Toph)
) 'The Lonely' - (Toph's falling out)
) 'Hurt' - (Toph's falling out)
) 'Stand in the Rain' - (Toph's resolution)
) 'Saltwater Room' - (Katara x Aang)

- Combustion -

) 'My Town' - (Korra)
) 'One Girl Revolution' - (Kyoshi Warriors on stage)
) 'Shipping Up to Boston' - (Jane; St. Patrick's Day)
) 'Streams of Whiskey' - (Jane; St. Patrick's Day)
) 'Fuckin' Perfect' - (Jane comforting Toph)
) 'Sad Song' - (Toph's apology)
) 'A Hero Can Save Us' - (Aang's effort)
) 'The End' - (The UR burns down)
) 'Mario Kart Love Song' - (Aang x Katara)
) 'How to Save a Life' - (Katara & Jane)
) 'Burnt Out' - (Jane)
) 'Seasons of Love' - (Katara)

- The Golden Dragon Ball -

) 'Hittin' on All Sixes' - (Golden Dragon Ball)
) 'Rhapsody in Blue' - (Azula & Zuko)
) 'A Night in Republic City' - (Korra x Bolin)
) 'The Fragrance of Dark Coffee' - (Toph x Ohev)
) 'Zelda Ragtime' - (Ohev; sightreading)
) 'Forgotten Moments' - (Toph x Ohev; Toph's one-night stand)
) 'Squeaky Rags' - (TyLee x Azula; 1920's flappers)
) 'Left My Heart in Republic City' - (Katara x Aang)
) 'On the Lam' - (Sokka x Suki)
) 'In Just a Moment's Time' - (Toph x Ohev/Sokka)

- Spring Break -

) 'Arms' - (Toph x Sokka)
) 'Boulevard of Broken Songs' - (Fearsome Fivesome)
) 'You're My Home' - (Fearsome Fivesome)
) 'And So It Goes' - (Toph x Sokka)
) 'I'm Still Here' - (Sokka)
) 'Set Sail, Coming Home' - (Sokka x Toph)
) 'Penguin' - (Katara x Aang)
) 'The Moon' - (Sokka's memories of Yue)
) 'Sweet Memories of Earth' - (Sokka moving on)
) 'Just the Way You Are' [Billy Joel] - ('Longshot' x 'Smellerbee')
) 'She's Always a Woman' - (Sokka x Toph)
) 'She's Got a Way' - (Aang x Katara)
) 'Fresh Air' - (Korra; Kesuk family theme)
) 'Goodnight, My Angel' - (Katara & Hakoda)

- Blood -

) LoK Music Box - (Korra & Kya; Kesuk family theme)
) 'Reignite' - (Jane & Korra)
) 'The Last Agni Kai' - (Jane & Korra vs Combustion Man)
) 'New Divide' - (Jane / 'Smellerbee')
) 'Blood' - (Jane / 'Smellerbee')
) 'Astor's Birthday' - (Jane's resolution)
) 'Breathing You In' - (Jane x Korra)
) 'Reasons Why' - (Jane)

- Reconciliation; Storm Clouds -

) 'Dear Prudence' - (Toph comforting Katara)
) 'Defying Gravity' - (Katara)
) 'Reconciliation' - (Katara & Jane)
) 'Without a Fight' - (Gang warfare)
) 'The Dragonborn Comes' - (Sokka / 'Wangfyre Dovahkiin')
) 'The Greatest Adventure' - (Sokka's graduation)
) 'Hide Your Tears' - (Korra & Aang)
) 'Rise Again' - (Korra; nightmares)
) 'He Lives in You' - (Families; Legacy)
) 'A Peaceful Place' - (Korra & Aang)
) 'Greatest Change' - (Aang & Korra; meditation)

- Harmony Restoration -

) 'My Hands' - (Fearless Five Plus One)
) 'Fi Theme' - (Aang & Gyatso)
) 'Skyward' - (Aang)
) 'Fireflies' - (Aang; late-night artwork)
) 'Son of Man' - (Aang & SRU)
) 'The Rally: Arranged' - (Korra & June vs Triple Threats)
) 'Still Alive' - (Korra & Lin/June/Noatak)
) 'The Wood Song' - (Jane & Toph)
) 'This Life' - (Fearless Five Plus One)
) 'If It Means to You' - (Toph x Sokka)
) 'Hey Jude' - (Katara & Toph)
) 'And Now, the Usual Place' - (Sokka & Appa's; farewells)
) 'Imagine' [Beatles arrg.] - (Katara & Toph performance)
) 'Imagine' [Brunch] - (Harmony Restoration)

- The Cycle Begins Anew -

) 'Drifting' - (Toph & Meng)
) 'Fluvial Beat Deposits' - (Aang & Sokka)
) 'Vanilla Twilight [Piano]' - (Toph & Grammy)
) 'You Are Loved; Don't Give Up' - (Katara, the Canadian Eskimo Glue)
) 'In My Eyes' - (Toph & Katara)
) 'When Can I See You Again?' - (Sokka & The Fearless Five)
) 'The Story Ends in the Usual Place' - (Everyone at Appa's)
) 'Can I Be Your Forever Girl?' - (Homecoming)
) 'At Least it Was Here' - (Sokka & Katara)
) 'The Usual Place' - (Katara & Appa's; Fearless Five)
) 'All of Me' - (What I Learned)


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