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A/N: Just to help avoid confusion, I realized that the past few chapters have had inconsistent dates. I've gone back and fixed that. Real sorry. This chapter has a more recent flashback where the date is important - but hopefully you'll be able to gather that on your own.

What I Learned at SRU
Chapter 17 - Pieces

[From: Suki Kyoshi]
[To: Katara Kesuk; Toph Beifong; Jane Fitzpatrick]
[Sent: October 1st, 3:12pm]
[Subject: curious..]

[hi, girls! i wanted to ask you something.. festivall is coming up in about a month so auditions will be soon. sokka told me you guys play music. why don't we start a band? think about it. an all girl band.. doesn't that sound like a cool idea? tell me what ya think. ;D]
[-suki kyoshi-]

[From: Katara Kesuk]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 4:09pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[I'm not sure, Suki...I don't really play music. What did Sokka tell you I do? Toph plays a few different things and Jane plays bass, but I don't do anything. =S Sorry...]
[~ Katara]

[From: Suki Kyoshi]
[To: Katara Kesuk]
[Sent: October 1st, 4:47pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[oh.. he said you sang.. like, in a choir?]
[-suki kyoshi-]

[From: Katara Kesuk]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 6:08pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[LOL! Yes, I used to sing in a choir. Back in middle school! And I sang at a couple of things in high scool, I guess, but...It's been a long time. I'm not sure. Are the other two interested?]
[~ Katara]

[From: Toph Beifong]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 8:12pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[An all girl band sounds freaky awesome. I am in. Totally. Totally. Totally. But there is one condition which is that I get to pick the first song we play because frankly I know music the best. Ha. Ha. Ha.]
[We all live in a yellow submarine]

[From: Jane Fitzpatrick]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 8:48pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[what did kat and toph say? i'm in if they are.]

[From: Suki Kyoshi]
[To: Katara Kesuk]
[Sent: October 1st, 10:12pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[that's fine! it's not like we're trying to be pros here. we'll practice! are you interested though? toph says she is and jane will if you are, too..]
[-suki kyoshi-]

[From: Suki Kyoshi]
[To: Toph Beifong]
[Sent: October 1st, 10:18pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[great! sure, i don't mind.. whatever you think is good. so you want to play guitar, right?]
[-suki kyoshi-]

[From: Katara Kasuk]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 10:20pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[All right. =P I guess I'll give it a try if the other girls want to. ^^' ]
[~ Katara]

[From: Suki Kyoshi]
[To: Jane Fitzpatrick]
[Sent: October 1st, 10:22pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[katara and toph are in! please join. bass is super important and i heard you're good..]
[-suki kyoshi-]

[From: Jane Fitzpatrick]
[To: Suki Kyoshi]
[Sent: October 1st, 10:56pm]
[Subject: RE: curious..]

[fine fine ya talked me into it. :P ]

- Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 -


{Got what it takes?}
{Going to show the world what you've got?}
{Gotta start somewhere, right?}

{Autumn 2010}

{October 30th}

{Auditions October 22nd-24th}

"Errrr...What's it mean? I don't get it."

"That's because it's a poorly constructed advertisement, Pipsqueak."

"It's for a talent show," Jane explained dully, digging at her canine with a toothpick to dislodge a sliver of broccoli from the soup she'd recently eaten. "Anyone on campus can audition: students, staff, whatever..."

"What do people do?" The Duke inquired, perplexed by the concept.

Jane shrugged, somewhat irate by the question.

"I've never gone before, I don't fuckin' know..."

"Juggling maybe?" Pipsqueak pondered, rubbing his chin with his enormous thumb.

"What?" Jane mumbled, confused as to where such a random idea came from.

"Sounds like a bunch of nonsense," The Duke dismissed. Jane was going to maintain her aloof stance on the matter and carefully avoid announcing that she was intending to participate this year. She opted to shrug in reply, flicking her toothpick into the trash can behind their booth.

"Hey, uh...Smellerbee. Where's Longshot?" Pipsqueak asked. "Jimbo said that he was supposed-"

"I don't fuckin' know, Pipsqueak!" snapped Jane, smacking herself in the forehead. Her teeth ground together with irritation as The Duke contributed yet another inquiry.

"But...Isn't he your boyfriend?"

"Yes!" she hissed, arms stretched out. She slammed them down to her sides. "But I don't keep track of all of that Freedom Fighter stuff anymore. I told you guys. I'm done. Don't ask me about that shit from now on."

The two freshmen stared with wide eyes tainted with fear from her outburst.

"Got it?" she demanded, lifting a threatening fist and shaking it at them a couple of time. A few nearby students in Appa's quieted for a moment at her shouting before slowly carrying about their business once again.

"Y-yes, Smellerbee, Ma'am,"
"Sure, Smellerbee."

Their shocked faces tipped Jane off that she was acting a little too much like the person she was trying to avoid being.

Calm the fuck down, Jane. You're freakin' out. Chill.

"And another thing," she grumbled. "I'm Jane. OK? Just call me 'Jane.'"

Both boys nodded vigorously. Jane was half-tempted to apologize for her spat but ultimately concluded that it wasn't necessary. She took a deep breath, calming her nerves through the awkward silence. She grabbed her forest green zip-up from the booth she had sat at with them and slipped it on, leaving the zipper undone.

She bid them a gruff, somewhat contrite, "See ya," before taking her leave.

- Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 -

A tired "Hmph" slid out from Longshot's nose as they stared at their handiwork: a fresh hole in the ground they had just finished filling. Smellerbee, coated in a thin layer of dirt, tossed her shovel into the trunk of her car with a deep sigh, her hands still trembling. It was dark, cold, and windy that night, and the woods were bitter and ominous. It was almost as if the trees were disgusted to be defiled by what the group had just buried in their forest.

"Can't fuckin' believe you, Jet..."

"Hey, listen, Smellerbee, he attacked me, OK?"

"Maybe if you weren't fucking stalking him, he wouldn't have done that! Ya think?" she attacked, eyes wide and tense.

"He was connected to them," insisted Jet, slightly hysteric. "I know he was!"

"What fucking proof do you have, Jet?"

"The men who came that night had tattoos just like his."

"That doesn't mean he was involved!"

"But it means he knows them."

Smellerbee kicked her tire in frustration with a huff, and Longshot, leaning against the driver side door to her left, set a disapproving glance her way. She frowned at him and immediately looked away, refusing to acknowledge his desire for peace.

"Ya just couldn't let it go, could ya?" Smellerbee growled, fists clenched, grime wedged in her fingernails. "Couldn't let it the fuck go!" she roared at Jet, kicking her tire again.

"Oh, like how you forgot your demons, right?" Jet countered. "Sure let that shit go, didn't ya?"

Smellerbee could feel Longshot's inquisitive presence prying at her with that curious raised brow of his, but she dared not look at him.

"That's...That was different," Smellerbee hissed, slashing her hand defensively through the air. She marched over to Jet and grabbed his collar, tugging his face within mere inches of hers. She seethed to him in a whisper, "I fucking told you to never bring that shit up. Ever!"

"Get off my back, then, Bee," Jet sniped quietly, shoving her away.

Smellerbee's face was flushed red with anger and pain and regret as memories flashed through her mind while the stress of their current situation wrapped itself around everything. Her eyes welled up with water but she managed to contain her tears.

"Fuckin' ass," she huffed, stomping back to her car. She begrudgingly nudged Longshot to move aside so she could enter the car, and Longshot rounded the front to slip into the passenger seat. Smellerbee sat sideways, legs bent out the door into the dirt. "Shit's gonna hit the fan, Jet. What are you gonna do?"

Jet strode up to his motorcycle, parked beside the car in the dark clearing.

"Play it by ear," he replied roughly. "Like I always have."

- Sunday, October 3rd, 2010 -

Jane's abdomen was grieving her, tightening and contorting in pain. She had taken her medications on schedule, and was certainly not in the mood for the added discomfort on top of her stressful day. An argument with Johnny had already made her Sunday bothersome enough but

She groaned out in irate impatience - somewhat loudly - curled onto her bed, unable to sleep. Her sheet had been cast off as it had been too warm. Her eyes were wet and her pillow had become damp. She'd flipped it over moments before so she had a dry side to rest on but tears didn't seem to stop coming.

You just couldn't let it go. If only you'd just dropped it.

Her door creaked open and she immediately sat up, wiping her face with a harsh sniff. The silhouette silently approached Jane's bed on the far side of the room.

"You OK?" croaked Toph, her voice like a toad. Clearly she had been sleeping. Toph had a habit of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so Jane figured her groaning must have drawn some attention while she had been awake. "Janey?"

Jane sighed out a shaky breath, wiping sweat from her forehead. Her wound had healed enough to remove the bandage, at least, but it was still a sensitive spot, so she had to lay on her side.

"Hey," Jane choked out meekly, shocked at her own inability to keep her cool.

"Ohh," Toph cooed out in a chuckle, seemingly amused by Jane's irregularly fragile state but maintaining sympathy. "What's wrong, JayBee?" she asked, sitting herself down beside her red-haired friend. While Jane could tell that Toph cared, she did find it intriguing how differently Toph asked this question than Katara did. Toph asked with more aloof curiosity than specific concern, but Jane had been learning to read through Toph's attitude.

Jane was a rough girl with a rough center, and as someone who knew well to keep her inner thoughts shelled, she had observed that Toph was in fact a rough girl with a soft center. In Toph's presence, Jane's emotions were beginning to leak through her cracks and out from her eyes. She grabbed Toph's hand and squeazed, appreciative of her friend's presence, then let go. She grit her teeth, let a frustrated whimper dribble out of her mouth, and leaned her face into Toph's back.

"Why the hell did he have to be such a fucking retard?" she lamented.

Toph slowly turned, running her hand across Jane's shaggy hair as she wrapped her arms around the lanky wreck of grieving girl. Toph's plump fingers pressed into Jane's back.

"Sorry 'bout that," Toph whispered wistfully, her wits somewhat about her. "You and Jet were pretty good friends, huh?"

"Mm-hm," Jane grunted. She hated admitting it but with Jet gone Jane had to confront the truth: he had been one of the terribly few constants in her life at SRU. He knew more about her than even Johnny did. Granted, she intended to change that fact soon enough, but it was a fact at that moment in time, nonetheless. Without his constant social friction to grind against, without that leader to follow, Jane had felt a bit lost, and even Johnny's assuring presence didn't help. Jet's death was difficult because he had been a trusted friend, but it had also stripped away the leader from her life, forcing her to cope with the fact that she was now withoa cause to fight for, without a direction to head in.

Tears streamed from olive eyes for a few moments as Jane expunged her grief like poison.

"I'm so fucking lost," she sighed. "Wish I knew what the hell I was doing with my life..."

"Heh. I know what that's like, Janey. That was my freshman year," she recalled drearily. "But then I met the guys. And they helped me figure some crap out. Maybe that'll happen for you too?"

Jane breathed out doubtfully and shrugged.

"Dunno," she mumbled. "We'll see."

Toph kissed Jane on the forehead and patted her shoulders with both hands.

"We sure will," she encouraged. "By the way, you've got a pimply head goin' on right now." She rose from the bed in the dark and seemingly floated to the door in her pajamas and bare feet. "Maybe I can convince Sokka to start calling you 'Pimple-Face.'"

"Hey," was Jane's deep, guttural protest.

"Hee. OK, OK. I like Freckle-Face, too. Sounds better." Toph opened the door and paused, drumming her fingers along its edge a couple times. "You're stuck with us now, Janey," she informed slyly. "Don't even think about running away." The door closed, leaving Jane to consider the statement. The door cracked open a sliver and Toph whispered threateningly, "We will find you."

The door clicked closed again and Jane took a deep breath, her eyes free of tears, her mind cleared from the internal confrontation. Another brief and personal interaction with her neighbor further bolstered her faith that breaking away from the Freedom Fighters was what was best for her.

"Ooooh, Mr. Big Man on Campus, Mr. Prez-ee-dent! How's it feel, huh? Huh?"

A drawn out, irritable sigh escape Zuko as he tolerated his acquaintance's teasing.

"It feels fantastic, Ty-Lee," he replied with as dry and barren a tone as he could muster. "Where's Mai?" he pleaded out of exhaustion at the very idea of extended interaction.

"She's in the bathroom, geez."
"Hold your horses, Grumpy-Pants!"

Zuko's phone had started going off while Ty-Lee had been scolding him, so he took it out, raised a finger to Ty-Lee, and took his leave.

"I've got a call, I'll be back in a minute."

Relishing an excuse to leave, he took his call in the lobby of the ACC, which was relatively empty given that it was a Sunday morning.


["Hello, Nephew,"] drawled out the slow and rickety voice of his elder Uncle Iroh. ["It is quite a beautiful Sunday morning, is it not?"]

"Erm...Y-yea. It, uh...It sure is."

["Please excuse my intrusion, Nephew, but I seem to have lost track of what time we were meeting today to celebrate."]

"Oh. Right. That was, erm...4pm. Wasn't it?"

["Ahhh, yes. That's right. Yes. At my shop, correct?"]


["Good, good. So...How are you holding up, Zuko?"]

"Fine. Everything's fine."

["Are you ready to take on the responsibility of President?"]

"Of course. I've been ready since I came here."

["Spoken like a Kurosawa,"] Iroh mused. ["But I'm not sure if that is truly a good thing."]

Zuko sighed, shifting his hand into his pant pocket.

"Probably not," he mumbled in concession. Iroh had gotten it down to a science: knowing when to poke Zuko in the right direction when he was letting the politics sway him around.

["Waha. One step at a time, Nephew. One step at a time. I am certain you will be a great leader."]

"I'd like to think so," Zuko hoped. He turned around to see Mai approaching Ty-Lee. "I actually have to go now, though. But I'll see you this afternoon."

["You shall. Enjoy your morning."]

"Love you, Uncle."

["Love you, too, Zuko."]

"Who was that?" Mai asked. She inspected his face before quickly answering her own question: "Iroh."

"Yea," Zuko nodded. Mai had gotten extremely good at this game.

"How is he doing, anyway?" wondered Ty-Lee.

"He's fine, I guess," Zuko shrugged.

"His shop seems to be doing well this year," Ty-Lee continued to prattle on. "It's always full of people. They have, like, concerts and stuff there. Oh-oh-oh, like, on Thursdays, they have open night. Mai, maybe you should read your poetry there some time? Huh?"

Mai smirked and cocked up a shoulder.

"Maybe. We'll see."

"Ohhhhhhh, ya know, that reminds me, isn't FestivALL coming up soon? It's at the end of the month, right? Yea. Of course it is! I was thinking that maybe I'd do an interpretive dance-"

As Ty-Lee rambled on, Zuko offered his girlfriend a dim look of aggravation. Mai smiled and slapped him inconspicuously on the back as they entered the cafeteria for breakfast.

"Oh," Mai muttered, seeming to catch sight of someone familiar. "Hey!" she called out, waving her arm. A slender, small-framed boy sitting at a booth with some friends waved back. "I need to ask him something," Mai explained to Zuko, quickly making her way over. "Aang! Hi." An utterance of 'hi's' was sent back to her by the group. Zuko found it odd that one of the girls didn't even look at them, while another glared at them suspiciously. The smaller boy introduced them.

"Jane, this is Mai - she's one of my classmates in the art department."

A gruff and grouchy-looking girl shaped like a stick nodded her head from the inside corner of the booth.

"'Sup?" The red-head looked unamused and sleep-deprived.

Mai nodded back to her and directed her attention back to Aang.

"Sorry to bother you," she said. "I just wanted to know if it was still OK for me to use your charcoals - I'm thinking of going to studio today to work on something."

"Sure, no problem," replied the boy with short, scruffy hair.

"Thanks, Aang."


A brief exchange of gestures later and the three were in the serving area. Ty-Lee loaded her tray up with cereal and vegetables while Mai opted for pancakes.

"What are you making with charcoals?" Zuko wondered, sliding some steaming ham onto his plate. "I thought you didn't like drawing..."

"I don't," Mai laughed. "But I'm working on an experimental project so experimenting."

"I...see," Zuko mumbled, curious. He knew Mai wasn't going to tell him the details - she was always coy with her work until it was finished.

"Soooooo, Mai," Ty-Lee sneakily whispered as they headed out for the tables. "That guy - the one with the blue eyes - do you know if he has a girlfriend?"


"'Cuz he is sooo cute. I think he was checking me out. Do you think he was checking me out? I think he was."

"Sure," Mai agreed with a dismissive shrug.

"I thought you already had a boyfriend," Zuko grumbled as they took their seats a larger table devoid of any other students.

"Pff, over the summer, maybe? That was months ago, ZuZu. We're history, he was soooo-"

"Don't call me ZuZu..."

"-so I had to drop him."

Lucky guy. I'll bet he's grateful at this point.

"Aw, rats, I forgot my drink," Ty-Lee spurted out, dashing back off to the serving area.

Zuko let out a deep groan as if it had been contained an waiting to burst.

"She's not that bad, Zuko..."

"Mai, why must you pick such crazy people for friends?"

"Doesn't that make you crazy?"

"Sure. But I'm not 'Ty-Lee' crazy."

"And you're definitely not 'Azula' crazy."

"What do ya mean you don't sing?" Sokka cried. "You've sung...all sortsa stuff."

Katara rolled her eyes as she lifted open the car trunk. It was fairly neat and tidy but somewhat packed.

"I haven't sung in a long time, Brother."

"Oh..." He shrugged. "My bad. Are you still gonna give it a try?"

"I will," said Katara, moving boxes around. "You're sure it's in here?" she checked, pausing briefly to glare at him. He flashed up his palms in defense, taking a step back.

"Yea!" he insisted. "Last time I saw it was in here when we packed everything before we left for the semester."

"It better be here," Katara threatened, resuming her search.

"What's in this box that you need so bad?" Sokka wondered.

"My necklace," Katara explained.

"Oh..." Sokka's face went dull and solemn. "You, uh...Ya haven't worn that in a while..."

"I know." Katara stopped again, leaning against her palms over the boxes in the trunk. "With...I-I dunno. With Jack's death, it just...It just has me thinking about mom a lot. I want to wear it again."

"Yea," Sokka acknowledged with melancholy. "I understand. You, uh...Need any help there, Sis?"

Katara shook her head, eyes fixated on the different boxes in their trunk. They'd been a bit lazy and had left a few things in the car since their move.

"We really need to clean this all out some time," she grumbled, finally pulling out a small shoebox.

"Guess you're right," Sokka sighed, rubbing some stray specks from his eye.

Katara opened the cardboard to retrieve a small wooden jewelry box, scratched anbd scraped from age and wear. She popped it open to reveal a neckband of thick blue ribbon with a dark, round jewel attached to it. She tenderly picked it up and slipped it around her neck, tightening it so the band fit flush against her skin.

"Looks good as ever," Sokka complimented with a sharp nod and a warm smile.


Katara ran her fingertips over the gem, reflecting on all it represented. She suddenly realized that her brother's arm was around her shoulder and she leaned into him, eyes dampening as memories trickled out through her tear ducts.

"It's all right," Sokka assured quietly, thankful no one else was in the parking lot at that time to disturb the moment. His own eyes were getting a bit wet as the grief seeped out from his sister.

["~So what?~I'm still a rock star~I got my rock moves~And I don't-"]

"H-hey, Toph..." Katara mumbled into her phone, brushing away tears as Sokka slapped her on the back. "Sorry for the wait, we'll be right over."

["You'd better! Damnit, I am sooooo hungry."]

"Why don't you have your boyfriend come get you, then?" Katara teased.

["Meemee-neenuh-nunuu,"] Toph mocked with quick, whiny gibberish. ["Twinkle-Toes is busy working on a project, remember?"]

"I know, I know. But it's not like you can't get there yourself, though, right?" After all, Toph could sometimes get all worked up over being treated like she couldn't take care of herself.

["I'm already here! So are JayBee and John-Boy and even Suki. We're just waiting on you idiots before we go up!"] Katara couldn't tell if her roommate was being a brat or legitimately upset.

"We're right outside, yeesh," Katara insisted. "We're heading over now," she explained, nodding to her brother, who shut the trunk and followed her.

- Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 -

"Wooooo!" Sokka hollered.

Aang clapped his hands together emphatically, while Johnny merely grinned, his head cocked thoughtfully to the side as he laid back on the dingy couch in the corner of the pale white room.

"Stoppit-stoppit-stoppit!" Toph grumbled in a pout, stamping her foot. "That sucked! You shouldn't encourage us until we sound good."

"I...I thought you sounded good," Aang meekly defended.

"We didn't!" Toph disagreed, crossing her arms over her chest as her guitar hung to the side. "We're practicing. That's why you practice: so you can actually start sounding good."

"Thought it was decent," Jane tossed in her two scents, plucking a single note on her bass.

"Not bad for a first full run of the song," Suki piped in, trying to lessen Toph's blow to their hard work.


"Wh...What about me?" Katara squeaked, pink-cheeked. "Did I...Was it OK?"

Toph's face contorted slightly and Aang knew she had not been terribly pleased, though Aang had thought Katara - and the other girls - had done fine.

"Yea, it was good, Katara," he complimented.

"You could use some work," Toph advised, seemingly grateful to step into a segue-way. "But that was OK. I guess."

"Let's try running through it again," Suki decided. "One. Two. One-Two-Three-Four!"

As the music began to blare to cue up the first verse, Sokka leaned over to Aang and said to him quietly, "Man, what's Toph's deal? She's pretty picky about her music or something."

"I think she's taking it a bit too seriously," Aang observed.

"I don't like Toph when she's taking things too seriously."

"I don't think I do, either," Aang chuckled.

"I mean, we have my sister for that, right?" Sokka concluded with a jabbing elbow. He turned around to Johnny and asked, raising his voice, "Yo, Johnny! What say you?"

Johnny shrugged his shoulders, glanced at the red-head on bass and winked at her. Sokka twisted his head to see her wink back with a hint of mischief.

"I figured as much," Sokka sighed. Then he noticed the ravaging precision of the Japanese girl on the drums and his heart quivered at each motion she made. "Guess we're all a little biased here, huh?" he murmured in a delirious delight.

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She is older than in the series so I want to deliberately show that she is sensitive at heart and is more prone to express it than she would have when she was younger.

As the flashbacks should demonstrate, this is due in part to her grandmother and to the friends she's made at SRU. =)

Jane's character definitely has more progressing to do. I look forward to seeing exactly where it goes and what people think of it.
AlmostLiterally Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
Oh, Toph. A bending snob on the show, and a music snob here. I like it!
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, yep, exactly the idea I was going for. It'll be part of her character arc, still dealing with the whole 'dependence/independence' issue.
elyon192 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
HA HA!!!! :rofl:
not gonna lie, toph is kinda creeping me out....first she's all loving and caring, but then she's all angry....mood swing.......... :paranoid:

still, very very nice :clap:
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yea, Toph can mood swing a bit. What I'm trying to communicate is that when it comes to music she can still be stubborn and arrogant - I'll dig into it more later, but since she's super talented at music, she feels held back playing with people who aren't.
elyon192 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2011
ha ha....I know exactally how she feels, but with drawing!!!!
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