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(Rokudai) - Maya Chiao Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher (Rokudai) - Maya Chiao Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
(Rokudai) - Maya Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher

Tumblr upload is here.

Concept sketches I commissioned from hino-kit( to depict Maya for the redesign of 'What I Learned at SRU' into an original series, currently titled 'What We Learned at Rokudai.' (Uploaded with artist's permission) She is inspired by Mai from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Maya is a Latina-Chinese American art student who possesses a dry sense of humor and a deep sense of loyalty that gets buried behind a stiff, sacrastic demeanor. She doesn't get attached to people very easily, but when she does, it sticks -- and she ends up feeling frustrated when she is compelled to help those few she does care about, since it's somewhat against her desired course of action to do so. She is a very closed person who is a good listener but tends to keep her own emotions bottled up. It is through her arts -- poetry, photography, painting, and drawing -- that these pent up emotions find freedom and leak out onto pages and prints rather than onto the people around her. She is a bit of a goth, and adores the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Of the supporting cast, she is the most prominent in the story, working her way into befriending the group through her colleague in art, Aaron.

(Rokudai) - Katrina Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Siku Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jun Tu Fong Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Coral Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jane Fitzpatrick Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
All pieces Hino has done for this series:
Katrina Kesuk - and expressions
Jun Tu Fong - and expressions
Jane Fitzpatrick - and expressions
Siku Kesuk - and expressions
Coral Kesuk - and expressions
Maya Chiao - and expressions
Saffron Fong - and expressions
Aaron Leekpai - and expressions

An introduction to this project can be found here.
The project's full art gallery can be viewed here. The story (in its current, 'fanfiction' first draft) starts on DeviantAart here, and can be read on here. All art and fiction updates for the project can be followed on its Facebook page.

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PaulScolfield Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
Another amazing drawing, and i like the new concept look.
Squiddy-chan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014
She looks amazing!
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
=hino-kit has been doing some wonderful work with these concept sketches!
Squiddy-chan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
I agree! They're all amazing!
Lightninglizard Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool concept!
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