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(Rokudai) - Jun Tu Fong Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher (Rokudai) - Jun Tu Fong Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
(Rokudai) - Jun Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-SmasherRe:SRU - Jun Tu Fong Concept by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Juniper Tu Fong Reference Set by Destiny-Smasher
Concept sketches I commissioned from hino-kit to depict Juniper Tu Fong for the redesign of 'What I Learned at SRU' into an original series, currently titled 'What We Learned at Rokudai.' (Uploaded with artist's permission) She is directly inspired by Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Tumblr Reblog of this piece: saint-roku-university.tumblr.c…

Jun is a Chinese gal, a sophomore music major who was born blind. Raised in a rich, traditionalist family by over-protective parents, she developed a bit of a rebellious streak toward the end of high school, and now that she's in college (a college her parents didn't want her attending, no less) she often embraces her independence despite her lack of sight. She can be fairly arrogant and cocky, and often hormonal and inconsiderate of those around her. However, she can also be very steady and stubborn, sticking up for what she believes in. She is at once comfortable and confident in who she is, but can lack faith in those around her and worries that she is not being perceived as she means to be. In other words, she feels quite happy with who she is as a person for the most part, but feels like the world and the people around don't accept her or appreciate her for who she really, which results in lashing out or shelling up and avoiding. She can have trouble expressing herself in traditional means, and relies on her natural talent with music to express her real feelings and thoughts.

If you've followed SRU, you may notice that her revised build is a bit thicker and curvier than she is often portrayed. This is intentional, and I'd like to stick with this direction going forward. She lives a sedentary life style, she is obsessed with potatoes and french fries, and in general I always imaged her as being more curvy than Toph traditionally is. Her revised design is perhaps most far removed from her original SRU interpretation (though Jane did evolve a lot over the course of time and is very different from Smellerbee).

Hino's take on the other characters:
(Rokudai) - Katrina Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher (Rokudai) - Siku Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Coral Kesuk Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
All pieces Hino has done for this series:
Katrina Kesuk - and expressions
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Jane Fitzpatrick - and expressions
Siku Kesuk - and expressions
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Maya Chiao - and expressions
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Aaron Leekpai - and expressions

An introduction to this project can be found here: saint-roku-university.tumblr.c…
The project's full art gallery can be viewed here:… The story (in its current, 'fanfiction' first draft) starts on DA here:… and can be read on here:… All art and fiction for the project can be followed on its Facebook page:…

PaulScolfield Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Love the new look. And also agree about the new figure. A diet of Potatoes and french fries will do that to you.

Though i don't think she would hold the guitar like that if it's supposed to be very sentimental to her LOL.

Like the new shades idea, though most of the time she seems to not wear them on her face. Is this the way she is going to be? of will she wear them properly most of the time?
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The guitar she's holding in this picture isn't supposed to be her grandmother's (that one is supposed to be scuffed and older looking), it's one she'd use for practicing or such. Although, being her, she'd still hold her grandmother's guitar like that depending on the context.

And again, the characters don't look the same all of the time.
Technically, they're wearing different clothes between most scenes, I just don't bother to specify because there's usually no need.

She'll probably wear her shades over her eyes about half of the time. They don't serve a practical purpose for her, and she sometimes might adjust them either way out of comfort (or to hide her face a bit if she feel like she might be starting to cry, blush, etc.). This artist chose to have her not wearing them as much as I gave her the option.
PaulScolfield Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
And again, the characters don't look the same all of the time.
Technically, they're wearing different clothes between most scenes, I just don't bother to specify because there's usually no need.

I presumed they did and that you only describe the clothes or what there wearing if it's important, such as Toph wearing sandals when she fell over or being too suborn when the weather got colder, or when a character is taking note (checking out) another character.
 Most people i know have a lot of different clothes, but tend to wear the same sort of stuff depending on there mood. BUT i'd figured with how messy Toph's part of the room was with clothes that she didn't wear the same stuff all the time and thus the rest as well.
I mean if you had to describe the way a character was dressed each time they were wearing different clothes, then SRU would probably double in size. LOL. 
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