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(Rokudai) - Jane Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher (Rokudai) - Jane Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
(Rokudai) - Jane Fitzpatrick Concept (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jane Fitzpatrick Reference Set by Destiny-Smasher
Concept sketches I commissioned from hino-kit to depict Jane Fitzpatrick for the redesign of 'What I Learned at SRU' into an original series, currently titled 'What We Learned at Rokudai.' (Uploaded with artist's permission) She is loosely inspired by Smellerbee from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Tumblr reblog of this piece: saint-roku-university.tumblr.c…

Jane 'Killerbee' Fitzpatrick is of Irish heritage and American nationality. She is a pansexual that was born intersex, but her father insisted that her physiological gender be decided by their child rather than the parents/doctor. They named their baby Jamie. As a child, Jamie was always a shy and somewhat grouchy child. Her mother divorced her father and left their family when she was still young, uninterested in dealing with the complex nature of her child. Her father often struggled with health complications, often leaving her in the care of her uncle and two male cousins -- none of whom really knew what to do with her. Her father was a lawyer, however, and despite his medical expenses, had managed to save up enough money to allow his child to have surgery performed during puberty -- Jamie chose to identify as a female, and changed her name to Jane. By the time she entered college, her father's health had deteriorated greatly, and his savings had been basically eaten up. Due to a complicated set of circumstances, by the age of 20, Jane had been no stranger to violence and gang activity, having found a local gang in her college town to roll with. She is big into biology, born from her father teaching her how to hunt and her mother teaching her to raise farm animals (back when they were a full nuclear family). In particular, she grows fascinated by entymology, the study of insects, and finds bees to be her favorite creature.

It is Katrina Kesuk and her group of friends that end up pulling the estranged, morally lost Jane out of a life of crime, and through their support, she becomes more and more comfortable with her feminine side, gradually choosing to express it in her appearance more and more, despite her body's irregular nature. Jane is often quiet, shy, and socially disinterested -- even hostile in reaction to feeling attacked or criticized. But her internal anger burns like coals, and that fire can also be used for good when her friends need her. She isn't as quick to speak, but is very upfront and honest when she does.

(Rokudai) - Katrina Kesuk Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Jun Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher(Rokudai) - Coral Expressions (HinoKit) by Destiny-Smasher
All pieces Hino has done for this series:
Katrina Kesuk - and expressions
Jun Tu Fong - and expressions
Jane Fitzpatrick - and expressions
Siku Kesuk - and expressions
Coral Kesuk - and expressions
Maya Chiao - and expressions
Saffron Fong - and expressions
Aaron Leekpai - and expressions

An introduction to this project can be found here: saint-roku-university.tumblr.c…
The project's full art gallery can be viewed here:… The story (in its current, 'fanfiction' first draft) starts on DA here:… and can be read on here:… All art and fiction for the project can be followed on its Facebook page:…

PaulScolfield Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Another great piece by  hino-kit Only one more main character to go.
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yea, Aaron's the only main character left. I'm actually commissioning the re-work of Mai first, though, since I have a sense of who she'll be now and she hasn't been drawn yet. Then probably Aaron and the re-work of Meng, and we'll see where we're at after that.
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