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- Saint Roku University -

Saint Roku University is a massive fanfiction/fanart project that could perhaps be best summarized as Avatar: TLA/LoK meets How I Met Your Mother in a college setting (though less comedy and perhaps more Gillmore Girls-like drama/friendship/feelings...?). It is NOT a retelling of any Avatar story but rather a huge love letter and narrative reply to the Avatar series, exploring themes concerning young adulthood. It is currently planned to be re-worked into an original series.
You can find the full art gallery below, and the story starts here:…

- Original Projects -

Artwork pertaining to the upcoming original projects I'll be working on this year as I try to start getting published. You can find info on each of my original series works-in-progress at these links:

DownRight Fierce:…

Rokudai and SRU Art Gallery


My next project after SRU is finished, 'Esteemed' will follow a more focused story about Toph Beifong grappling with the stresses of adulthood as she works to protect Republic City, ward off Yakone and his gang, and figure out how on earth to be a good mother. The story will also explore the lives of Toph's friends and their families.

Newest Deviations


The Workbench


-DownRight Fierce-
A graphic novel concept directly inspired by the Street Fighter franchise (and fighting games in general), this would follow the story of Nishiko, a rash, violent, but passionate fighter who learns about the consequences of obsession and violence.…

Progress: writing rough draft; four sample pages complete
Preparing Kickstarter. Planned launch this summer.

-What I Learned at SRU-
A sequential, slice-of-life young adult fiction inspired by characters and concepts from Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Eventually, to be remixed into a formally original series as What We Learned at Rokudai.
- 剧 终 -
- The End -

- The Focused / Mud, Sweat, and Tears -

A story being written as two separate stories at once. One version will follow Yatra and Kiwidinok in an original sci-fi fantasy world; their story will be inspired by AtLA, and video games like Bastion, Journey, and The Last of Us.

The fanfic version: A weary Katara and Toph travel across a world ravaged by the Phoenix King. The Battle of Sozin's Comet was lost. Avatar Aang is dead. Now the two are all each other has left in a world that has no place for them.

Both versions will contain a lot of the same text and ideas, but will be tweaked to tell two different versions: one as an original story, one as a 'fanfic AU,' thereby demonstrating how writing AU fiction can be a great creative springboard for making original works.

Chapter 1 - {Quiet}
:star::star::star::star::star: -
Exploring the life of Chief Toph Beifong and the weight of her responsibilities during her time in Republic City as a police officer and a mother -- as well as the life of her daughter, Lin, who grew up to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Next Chapter: {Blocked}
Toph (Age: 28)
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: - {100 words}


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Freedom Planet (PC)
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Adventure Time (TV)
Legend of Korra (TV)

Wii U ID: D3stiny_Sm4sher
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Kick! Start! It's all in the mind!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 10:56 PM

The crowdfunding campaign for DownRight Fierce is now live! There's even a second, extended version of the trailer here.

Named in tribute of the button input for the classic 'Hadoken' technique in Street Fighter, DownRight Fierce is an original graphic novel I'd like to work on. In the same sort of spirit as something like Disney's Wreck-It Ralph or recent indie film Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, I'd like to tell a story that pays homage to gaming and the spirit of 'The Warrior's Journey,' but at its heart is about its characters. Inner strength, inner weakness, coming-of-age, accepting the passage of time, etc. Told in two acts, the second half of the story would take place five years after the first, and deal with how the passage of time affects us, and how we all have different ways of coping with our own past, preparing for our future, and living in our present.

You can see more about it at the Kickstarter page:…
The DA gallery for the project is here:…
The Facebook page is here:…

DownRight Fierce - Fighting the Past by Sakura-Rose12DRF - Nishiko Shimomura + Seiko Mitsuda (Act 2) by Destiny-Smasher[DRF] - Nishiko Shimomura (hinokit) by Destiny-Smasher
Nishiko by Sakura-Rose12Marisol by Sakura-Rose12DRF- Seiko by Sakura-Rose12DRF- Kayla by Sakura-Rose12
DownRight Fierce - [Sample Pg #1] by Destiny-SmasherDownRight Fierce - [Sample Pg #2] by Destiny-SmasherDownRight Fierce - [Sample Pg #3] by Destiny-SmasherDownRight Fierce - [Sample Pg #4] by Destiny-Smasher

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  • Playing: Shovel Knight, various PS4 games
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Eddy Fettig
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From what you've seen so far, which DownRight Fierce character design do you like the most? 

3 deviants said 'Sting'
2 deviants said Nishiko
2 deviants said Marisol
2 deviants said Kayla
1 deviant said Seiko
No deviants said Majula


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Any :points: donated will go toward commissions!

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Aw thanks Edd :)
kartracer57 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hey, Eddy, if I may call you that. I'm working on a fan fiction that involves, both of the Avatar series, Star Wars Rebels, and Defiance. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having a look at my rough draft of the first chapter. Since you seem to be the expert on writing Avatar-related literature, I was hoping you could give me some valuable input. If yes, I'll send you the draft after you message me back. If no, I'm sorry to have bothered you.
kartracer57 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
Hey, Eddy, if I may call you that. I'm working on a fan fiction that involves, both of the Avatar series, Star Wars Rebels, and Defiance. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having a look at my rough draft of the first chapter. Since you seem to be the expert on writing Avatar-related literature, I was hoping you could give me some valuable input. If yes, I'll send you the draft after you message me back. If no, I'm sorry to have bothered you.
HoneyJadeCrab Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks of the llama ;)
MrDak3000 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Student
hey, do you take requests and/or point commissions?
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I don't draw, if that's what you're getting at. ^_^; I'm a writer and I design characters, but commission others to draw stuff out. If there's a particular art style you saw that you liked, you can check the description to see the artist who made the image.
MachineKing18 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Student Writer
Legend of Korra Book 3 started June 27th with the first three episodes. Both book 3 episode 4 In Harm’s Way & episode 5 The Metal Clan will air on July 11th as a one hour special! 
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I actually already saw episodes 3-6 as they leaked weeks ago.
It would make more sense for episodes 5 and 6 to air together as they are actually directly connected (episode 4 and 5 aren't so much).
It also would make more sense to actually air one episode per week.

But Nick is weird.

And the writing for Legend of Korra is still weird. And disappointing. And what I saw of Book 3 made Korra seem even less relevant and important in her own story. And bending is still the only important factor in the story, with the Equalist stuff still totally ignored -- to the point where they're just passing out bending power to random people and kind of ruining what was a beautifully melancholic thing with the airbenders. Amongst other aspects of ATLA that they've already kind of retroactively cheapened just for dumb thrills and shock twists.

I'm not impressed with Book 3 so far and I don't even intend on watching it as it airs. I'm impressed with the visual/audio production, of course, but it feels wasted on lazy writing -- and the creators themselves just seem to be making shit up as they go without considering the implications their cheap twists have on the beautiful world and its previously rich characters. And then they keep filling their disc commentary with weak defenses where they themselves admit they don't even understand their own plot twists (like what Jinora did at the end of Book 2? They themselves can't explain it, yet still claim it's "symbolic" and "spiritual"). On top of that, they keep placing blame on the fans and audience for not understanding their intentions when it's inadequate writing that is causing these problems.

Book 3 does look structured better than Book 2, but it's still relying way too hard on repetitive plot devices from Books 1 and 2 that feel cheap and unrewarding and desperate fanservicey cameos and twists that they're just pulling out of their ass as they go. It looks pretty, it sounds great, the VAs mostly do their job -- though from what I've heard, JK Simmons' Tenzin is degrading in enthusiasm, which is really disappointing as I really liked his character concept -- there's more moments that make me chuckle than earlier Avatar series, as well, I suppose, but it's because the whole thing has a teen-anime-sitcom-adventure vibe, whereas ATLA and even Book 1 had a east-meets-west-fantasy-epic kind of style. ATLA felt like a fusion of east and west, LOK feels like it's divided in blunt chunks of very American teenager humor and very cliche anime nonsense.

I long for the more steady balance of Book 1, but we're not getting that. We're getting mroe of the Shonen Jump nonsense from Book 2. It's structured better I guess but it's pushing plot forward at the cost of ruining things from ATLA, and I'm not so cool with that. Book 3 has made me LESS interested in working on Esteemed, as well -- partially because it introduces a kind of repetitious plot twist the series keeps relying on which basically ruins most everything I had planned for Esteemed as far as trying to interweave it around canon. I wish they would just leave the Gaang alone at this point because they're not doing them justice, though I'm sure they with Zuko, of course, because he's they're fucking darling golden boy.

LoK at this point doesn't just make me disappointed, it makes me ANGRY because I love and adore the world and characters they've created, and the plot is just running them all through the mud -- and retroactively ruining aspects of ATLA's story just for cheap thrills. Plus the production is amazing, and it's wasted on bland writing.

All the better to focus on my own stories now, I suppose, and come back to fandom stuff when the dust settles, perhaps.
MachineKing18 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Writer
Do you respect them for doing a different villain/antagonist for each book? Should they have done the major antagonist with several sub-antagonist?
Destiny-Smasher Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I...WOULD, if it was actually handled well? But it hasn't been. So far it's just felt like a cliche anime thing where there's a new villain-of-the-week each season or something. Hard to say how I feel about the new guys. If they end up being defined by something besides just being bad-ass, I could like them a lot.

So far Amon is the best villain in the entire Avatar franchise, IMO, but his actual ending was weak -- but so is every Avatar villain.

A major antag with several subs would also just be a cliche anime thing.
ATLA had one major villain -- Azula. Ozai was just a force, a plot device. Zhao was annoying but not full grade villain material.
Azula and Zhao both had reasons for acting the way they did, as they were both crazy and serving in a strict military led by a crazy man.

Unlalaq was crazy but in a super boring, predictable, uninteresting way after the first couple episodes of Book 2.
These new villains in Book 3 are threatening, but they're so far (as of episode 6, halfway through the season) just "forces," like Ozai was, not characters like Amon or Azula.

I don't really respect very many things they've done as writers since Book 1's finale, to be honest. Even Wan's story, which was well done in and of itself, kind of mucks with the franchise's lore and the over-arcing narrative of Aang/Korra's stories in ways that are kind of annoying -- ie, his story only exists to make Korra seem special and force an ass-pulled doomsday plot device on the lore.
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